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Today we are not only the biggest manufacturer of climbing walls, but we also have the largest portfolio of classic and novel Active Еntertainment attractions that combine fun with healthy doses of adrenaline for people of all ages. With sales offices in the USA, Canada, Germany, China, UAE, a Head office in Sofia, Bulgaria and four production plants employing more than 600 people, to this day we have produced over 2200 projects in 80 countries on 6 continents.

Our products are installed across adventure parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, gyms, recreational areas, ski resorts, schools & universities, hotels and more.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by offering them experiences that combine sports with fun and healthy doses of adrenaline.

We would like to pass on our gratitude to your project team

"We would like to pass on our gratitude to your project team, and Australian Agent, who performed an outstanding job in designing, manufacturing and installing the Walltopia Cave and Walltopia Climbing Walls at our venues. Both products ...read more

Adrian Antonello

Senior Program Coordinator

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the high quality product that you produce.

"We, the staff, at the family entertainment center “Focus-Mokus” East Point Mall in Tbilisi, Georgia, would like to express our sincere gratitude for the high quality product that you produce.

From the very start of exploitati...read more

Aram Gabrielian

Head of Technical Department at Family Entertainment Center “Focus-Mokus”

With the help of Walltopia we really have a first-class experience

"Here we have the world’s largest indoor ropes course as well as climbing walls, bouldering walls, ninja courses, bar and restaurant. We’ve done all our best to assemble all the adventure groups in one building here in Columbus, Ohio...read more

Bryan Metzger

COO of Play: Holdings, LLC

Not even the promise of ice cream convinced the boys to abandon their climbing

"If you need evidence for how much my crew loved Funtopia, I offer this: Not even the promise of ice cream convinced the boys to abandon their climbing."

Read more read more

Chicago Parent

The true definition of curious play

"This place is fantastic," said Jacquie Starzyk of Chicago, who brought her 5-and-a-half-year-old son here for the first time. "Kids are curious. 'Can I do this? Am I big enough? Am I strong enough? Can I make it to the next level?' This...read more

Chicago Tribune

The team at Walltopia takes its work very seriously and executes tasks with a high level of responsibility.

Walltopia is a strong player in the industry, and its excellent product design and manufacturing capacity were the main reasons we picked them.

We can confidently say that everything went very well. One of the great things was tha...read more


Your walls are definitely one of the highlights...

"The FEC has been doing well since our opening and attendance has been steadily increasing. Your walls are definitely one of the highlights of the playground and the kids and even parents love them."

read more

Jeffrey Liu

The theming in the cave was the best and most realistic from any companies that we tendered.

"The theming in the cave was the best and most realistic from any companies that we tendered, we even have an LED lava entrance which is always a big hit with everyone! The cave is very easy to operate, we have safety hatches in the even...read more

Karen Harris

Owner of Dunmore East Adventure Centre

A brilliant addition to our centre!

"We have had a great time opening our ropes course and find it to be a brilliant addition to our centre."

read more


I could only recommend you!

"Thank you so much for your quick help here in Helsinki! I am amazed. Another client from Portugal just called a couple of days ago about my experience with Walltopia and Ropetopia and I could only recommend you! Dimitar did all that we ...read more

Kimmo Stude

Thank you for taking feedback onboard which has resulted in a much better product.

"I was planning for over a week to send an email to say wow... I can't believe the difference between the Knox walls (1 year before) and the new walls... wow! The way these techs build vs the way the techs at Knox build is like they are ...read more

Leo Neophytou

Director, Funtopia Australia

A very easy and fluid process

As our concept of Go Bananas began to come into reality, working with Yassen and the team at Walltopia was a very easy and fluid process. From original concept through the design process and finally the installation was all done as we ha...read more

Mike Cieplak

Go Bananas Adventure Climbing

...appreciate the good work of Walltopia Company team

"Herewith, I would like to point out the project Rollglider has been successfully operated in Iran-Tehran. It is worth to take a chance and appreciate the good work of Walltopia Company team

Ms. Maria Vetin form the sales team, Mr...read more

S. Y. Taghavi

Member of the Board and Commercial Director

A terrific addition to the venue.

"Sky Climb has been performing very well and has been a terrific addition to the venue."

read more

Sam Milionis

Sky Zone McGregor

Fun Walls have proven to be a fantastic addition to our climbing gym

"As the owner of more than one climbing gym, Funwalls have provided quick cash flow for the start up & assisted in filling a marketing gap we didn't know existed. The elements have also been an effective way to broaden our market seg...read more

Walson Tai

Active entertainment projects around the world

The latest news related to active entertainment

One More Life Safety Mat – Climbing Higher with Safety and Innovation

At Walltopia, we understand that gravity is an undeniable force. Recognizing that the thrill of climbing comes with inherent risks, we have taken significant strides to not only minimize the chances of human error but also to mitigate the severity of incidents should they occur. We can't eliminate the risk of falls, but we can significantly reduce the impact and ensure a safe and enjoyable climbing experience for everyone...

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We Are Exhibiting: Learn How to Grow Your Mountain Resort into a Year-Round Destination

In the times when ski seasons are getting shorter, we all want to keep people in the mountain. The trends are clear – Millennial ski resort visitors expect to receive much more than sports, and for Baby-boomers and Gen X visitors, what used to be a ski vacation has now become a “family vacation”, so resorts must offer more services and entertain all family members – kids and non-skiers included. Walltopia is here to partner your efforts in nurturing their love for the mountain and the relationship with the resort for many years to come.

Read more

Spring 2024 Events: Visit Us and Learn How to Transform Your Retail Space

The retail industry is always in search of the anchor which will bring in more visitors and differentiate the shopping venue from the crowd. Get ready for adventure, excitement, and innovative fun! Walltopia is hitting the road to take part in a series of must-attend events across the globe. Mark your calendars and join us as we showcase our cutting-edge solutions for retail centers and shopping malls...

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