Meet us at IAAPA Asia and discuss turnkey solutions for your entertainment business

It has been a long 4 years since the last time we had the chance to meet at IAAPA Asia and exchange ideas about business developments and innovations, inspire one another and explore ways to collaborate and grow the leisure industry together.

Our team is excited to meet you in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from June 14th to June 16th at booth L1122 where we will present our latest products and technologies in the field of active entertainment attractions.

In the past 4 years we have worked hard on expanding our portfolio of products beyond our classic high-adrenaline attractions based on our experience in the climbing industry. We are now offering a wide range of unharnessed products catering to younger audience and /or low-ceiling venues yet staying true to our core value – being active. We’re focused on providing turn-key solutions for businesses of any scale. Come talk to us and let’s identify the right mix of active entertainment products for your location catering to the right demographics and desired throughput, and fitting the ceiling height and footprint available.

We look forward to meeting you in person and hearing your stories from the last three years – what challenges everyone has been facing, what ideas you have on future developments and, of course, how we can be of help to take your business and dreams to the next level.

We can provide a free entrance badge for you and your team, contact us to book your meeting!

We have been working hard to develop new additions to our active entertainment portfolio as well as to improve our well-known products. Introducing gamification into already built and new venues is also a focus point in order to increase the number of repeated visits in the entertainment centers you facilitate. Read on to learn about just a few of our latest developments, but keep in mind our moto – sky is the limit – if you have an unconventional idea, our designers and engineers are always up to the challenge.


Walltopia Ropes Course Macau China

Ropes courses were the first active entertainment product that Walltopia started producing way back in the day before we even had an idea about developing a full range of dedicated active entertainment products. We had enquiries about ropes courses from our climbing wall clients and we had the production capabilities and engineering knowledge to make it happen, so we did. Since then it’s been one of our core AE products which we’re constantly working on improving and developing to meet the business needs of our clients. Originally an adrenaline rising activity invented to introduce people to the thrill of heights without specific climbing training, now we’ve created modifications that would serve a wider audience in terms of age, height and physical strength required. We created a few ropes course variations that invite all family members to enjoy the activity together.

Unharnessed Ropes Course

unharnessed ortho ropes course

A ropes course with a so-called collective safety system, this attraction does not require participants to wear a harness hence reducing the staff members needed for operation. The unharnessed ropes course combines ideally with Adventure trail, Cloud Climb and Slides. Create an unharnessed adventure hub with a variety of activities and high throughput with a combination of these.

Family Ropes Course

The Family Ropes Course has a double line allowing for parents and children to enjoy the thrill of heights shoulder to shoulder. The inner line is designed to have easier obstacles for the younger participants while the outer line features a harder version making sure the adults will not be left unchallenged.

Ropes Course + Rollglider combo

The ultimate combination for thrill seekers, the Rollglider and Ropes course combo attraction uses a Rollglider line as a belay system thus allowing for a continuous belay system through both activities and does not requite extra staff members to facilitate the switch. The participants push themselves through leveled ropes course obstacles reaching a final platform from which they jump onto the Rollglider track with loops and curves.


Boost Saudi Rollglider aerial ride
Boost Saudi in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

After bringing the first Rollglider into the world in 2014, we have been developing variations of the ride that would suit a variety of venues and anyone’s whim.

Starting from a gravity-based aerial ride, available in a single color, we have expanded our portfolio to include electric trolleys for locations that don’t have the ceiling height that allows for gravity ride (it requires a certain amount of elevation difference between the start and finish in order to run smooth). With the electric ride the participant can also control the speed and keep it within their comfort zone be it faster or slower! A selection of colors for the track is also available in order to fit within your center’s theming. Rollgliders can be extreme or panoramic, fast or slow – you can fly or hover around, single or tandem – the choices are endless!

To just give you a taste, below is one of our latest developments:

Jump&Run Rollglider Ride

The Jump&Run is born from the desire to combine the best of two worlds – Active Entertainment and Thrill Rides. To achieve this goal, this adventure ride combines a dual-line racing Rollglider track with obstacles inspired by adventure courses.

Featuring obstacles inspired by challenge courses and a healthy dose of thrill, the Jump&Run is a one-of-a-kind competition that requires physical fitness and the will to push yourself beyond.

The concept proves to be appealing to young visitors as it draws inspiration from video games such as Super Mario and allows one to fully immerse into the idea of being a real-life superhero. The gamification of the ride allows for scorekeeping and can play a part in loyalty programs by rewarding the most dedicated contestants.


The Cloud Climb has been a part of our portfolio for a while – a fun unharnessed activity for the youngest participants. We have brought it to another level by giving it a creative touch. Now not only can we make the “leaves” of the Cloud Climb in various shapes with our precise CnC machines, but we also add LED lights to the edges. We all know this very well – kids just love colorful lights and glowing elements! The Could Climb is a self-standing attraction that can be designed to fit any ceiling height and is suitable for shopping malls, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, FECs and many more.

Cloud Climb can take many forms and sizes:

Woohoo museum in UAE have featured the attraction a low-ceiling space giving it a colorful fun addition.

Woo Hoo Museum in Dubai, UAE
La Tete Dans Les Nuages, Nice, France

LA TÊTE DANS LES NUAGES in Nice, France have utilized the free space right next to the escalators in the shopping center with a tall design of a Cloud Climb that offers a fun way down – through our new stainless steel Walltopia slide. The LED glowing edges attract the visitors form afar.

Phaeno Children’s Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany have gone big on the Cloud Climb, adding fun attractions along the course that engage the young participants and help them learn while developing their mobility.

Cloud Climb and Slide in Phaeno Children's Museum, Germany
Cloud Climb and Slide in Phaeno Children's Museum, Germany


Walltopia Slides is a newly jewel in Walltopia portfolio. Whether straight or twisted, open or closed, a slide is the best way to go down from any climbing attraction (or without such, per say). Let’s be honest, we’ve all secretly enjoyed accompanying our children on an adult-size slide, haven’t we?

The Slides are available in two different types – closed tube slide or transparent slide, made of stainless steel combined with panoramic panels of polycarbonate. The coating allows painting in any RAL color. It can be also combined with outside LED lights effects to achieve desired theming. The slides add smiles to people’s faces in any kind of public space.


Walltopia Net Mazes are a new range of active entertainment products for the youngest of kids. Unharnessed and completely safe, building on our vast experience in the climbing industry, we have designed the perfect range of attractions to keep children safe, active and full of joy.


Trampolines may not be a new product in the active entertainment industry but they are new for our production portfolio. With a wide range of products, we have evolved our offering from climbing-focused activities to a true turnkey provider for active entertainment attractions catering to clients from all walks of life. Until not long ago, we had to outsource the trampoline production to another company until we realized that we not only have the production capabilities but we already have an extensive experience in working with the materials that form a trampoline park. Trampolines now have a dedicated space in our manufacturing making it easier for our clients to get all their attractions shipped from the same factory in the same container!

Trampolines have evolved from simple jumping mats to a wide range of different games and obstacles.

  • Add air bag, battle beam, foam pit, soft parkour obstacles or even a climbing wall for the ultimate dose of fun
  • Group activity trampolines are an exciting addition to every jumping zone. Add Basketball court or Dodge ball court
  • Add interactivity with Valo Jump
  • Choose between different types of trampoline beds such as: long lanes, slide trampolines, angled trampolines and others
  • Do not forget to designate a zone for the youngest jumpers: the Kids Court
This is just a glimpse of what we've been working on. Come to our booth at IAAPA Asia to learn more about the new Fun Walls, the Ropes Course and Caves developments and more.

We look forward to seeing you in Singapore next week!

Walltopia Projects in Singapore

If you have some downtime around Singapore during the IAAPA Asia visit, you can check a few of the locations we have completed and familiarize yourself with our work first-hand.

You can visit:

  • Hometeam NS’s Adventure HQ featuring a Walltopia Adventure hub – one massive attraction combining Rollglider, self-standing Ropes Course, Adventure Trail, Caves, Cloud Climb, Ninja Course and Fun Walls;
  • Nerf Action Xperience featuring Fun Walls and ceiling-suspended Ropes Course
  • Climb Central – a perfect showcase for utilizing the free high-ceiling space in the lobby of a shopping center for a climbing center.
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