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Individueller Kletterbereich für Kinder

Der Kinderbereich in einer Kletterhalle kann individuell gestaltet werden, damit er zum Farbschema und Konzept der Halle passt. Es gibt eine unendliche Vielfalt an Möglichkeiten, die Kinder zu begeistern. Unsere Designer sind bereit, kreativ zu werden und wieder Kinder zu sein.

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Climb Academy

Climb Academy is a full service climbing gym dedicated entirely for children aged 3-11 years. The climbing walls are designed to offer the ultimate climbing experience for the smallest enthusiasts taking into account their physical specifics, cognitive skills and attention span. Additional climbing based attractions, such as kid's Ninja Course, parkour course, elevated playgrounds and slides, diversify the experience while turning the sport into play. They incorporate climbing, crawling, jumping, sliding, and many other movements that come naturally to kids and make them happy and healthy.
And the best part is that the children's Climb Academy generates future climbers that will advance the climbing scene worldwide.

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Fun Walls

Fun Walls are interactive climbing walls that engage both children and adults in the challenge of climbing and the fun of play. Colorful and dynamic, they bring the participants to a world of climbable medieval castles, labyrinths, beanstalks, spider webs, dark chimneys and many more. A great option for the kids area on their own or integrated within a custom kids climbing area, Fun Walls offer additional revenue stream like birthday celebration packages, teambuildings, corporate kids parties and others.

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Walltopia Caves

A realistic caving experience that turns any space into an adventurous amusement area

Walltopia designs and manufactures artificial caves that give visitors a realistic caving experience and turn any space into an adventurous and diverse amusement area.

The caves are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor locations and our proprietary system offers infinite variations to offer visitors a chance to both test their limits and explore the prehistoric world and the wonders of speleology.

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Adventure Trail

The thrill of heights delivered without the need of a harness

Walltopia Adventure Trail is an elevated playground that allows participants to experience the thrill of heights without the need of a harness.
Its challenging tunnels of nets and obstacles are a great way to diversify any entertainment center and deliver unique emotions in a safe environment. Its structure is made to fit almost any location and provide optimal space utilization.

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Elevated Playgrounds

Playgrounds joyfully appealing to children and high above the ground to add excitement

We created a new range of Active entertainment products for even the youngest kids. Unharnessed and completely safe, building on our vast experience in Climbing and height-focused attractions, these playgrounds are joyfully appealing to children and high above the ground to add excitement.

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