Wie wir arbeiten

1. Design & Architektur

Unsere Architekten stellen sicher, dass das ursprüngliche Konzept des Kunden nahtlos in ein funktionales Design umgesetzt wird, das seinen Anforderungen entspricht. Eine Kletteranlage ist ein Geschäftsunternehmen und muss daher langfristig erfolgreich sein. Daher nutzen wir Kreativität und legen Wert auf Funktionalität. Sie entscheiden, wie stark Sie in die Entwicklung Ihres Projekts einbezogen werden möchten. Unsere Verantwortung besteht darin, ein Endergebnis zu entwickeln, das Ihrer Vision entspricht, im Budget liegt und rechtzeitig geliefert wird.

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2. Ingenieurwesen

A team of 48 structural engineers, drafters, CNC programmers and mechanical engineers calculates precisely the structures and components of all climbing walls and active entertainment attractions to make sure what was designed will be produced and installed exactly the same way in accordance to the local regulations of every project venue.

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3. Produktion

A total area of over 26,000 m2 is distributed between four production plants - steel factory, plywood and fiberglass factory, electronics development and assembly and flooring production. More than 200 full-time employees work to ensure the best quality of the products manufactured at the production plants.

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4. Vormontage-Werkstatt

The production plant is also the home of our pre-assembly workshop with lifting equipment and an impressive height of 25 meters. It allows pre-assembly of large structures and precision in manufacturing. This stage of the production process guarantees the quality in the final phase of each project and avoids inaccuracies before they occur on the construction site.

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5. Projektmanagement

The project management team connects the dots and acts as the gathering point for all the other departments. They look after and ensure that all the processes from engineering to the opening day run smoothly and on time.

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6. Montage

Walltopia has the biggest assembly crew in the industry

Walltopia is the only company among all climbing wall manufacturers that has a team of 90+ full time employed technicians, responsible for the installation of our climbing walls around the globe. To ensure the team meets our criteria for quality and safety standards, each technician passes a number of in-house training courses, such as work at height, operation of mobile access towers, welder training, etc.

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7. Wartung & Inspektion

Every safety standard recommends yearly maintenance and inspection visits

EVERY SAFETY STANDARD RECOMMENDS YEARLY MAINTENANCE AND INSPECTION VISITS Walltopia offers a comprehensive climbing wall safety inspection service to help you operate a safe and successful climbing facility. We provide maintenance inspections for any climbing wall, even those not built by us.

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