Fiberglass Volumes

We got creative, played around with shapes and decided to launch our own line of climbing volumes. We are psyched to play around with fiberglass and the limitless options it provides. Stay tuned for the latest shapes.

  • Super lightweight
  • Bolt-on option that ensures no damage on the texture of the wall
  • Pre-drilled screw-on option allowing for precise placement when there are no T-nuts available
  • Metal inserts on both the bolt and screws placement to prolong the life of the volume
  • Durable texture with the perfect amount of friction - the one we use with our climbing walls
Walltopia Half Moon Volumes
Walltopia Fiberglass Climbing Volumes
  • A sweet little edgy crimp
  • A slopery-pockety edge
  • Join the two halves to form a Full Moon and make a hateful sloper that will challenge the most experienced climbers at your gym

Walltopia Land Form Volumes

A convex and a concave land forms - the Ridge and the Kettle offer five different grips depending on the routesetting. Or six...if you can hold on to a real flat sloper. Crimp or pinch the Ridge; gaston, undercling or just pocket the Kettle. Get creative and set some crazy routes.

Fiberglass Climbing Volumes

Walltopia Karakoram Volumes

Feel the sharp rock formations of the famous Karakoram mountain range. Slide a hand and try their technical difficulties. Enjoy the movement while climbing and imagine the chilly mountain air and remote wilderness.

Fiberglass Climbing Volumes

Walltopia Long Ridge

Although sold separately, the Long Ridge volumes pair perfectly well to make a beautiful crack. Adjust the width and angle and get creative.

Fiberglass Climbing Volumes

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