Walltopia Transformer Set Blobs

We decided to develop the Transformer Set even further by putting together a version that uses spherical shapes. The Transformer Set Blobs offer a variety of slopery combinations. The volumes in the set are designed to be arranged in different ways, giving routesetters a great tool for unleashing their imagination. Move, stack and rearrange the blobs and bubbles to form a massive volume creature that will transform both the setting and climbing experience on the wall and will present a challenge for the sloper lovers.

Transformer Set Climbing Volumes

What makes the Transformer Set Blobs great?

  • 6 stackable volumes designed to pile on 3 levels
  • A variety of possible combinations
  • Clean and simple design to match any wall
  • Easy to mount
  • Pre-drilled screw-on option allowing for precise placement
  • Durable texture with the perfect amount of friction - the one we use with our climbing walls
  • Built to last out of fiberglass
  • A new creative canvas for the routesetters


The full Transformer Set Blobs includes 6 volumes: a big blob, a medium blob and 4 differently shaped small blobs for a variety of grips. All of them can be used separately and are available for single purchase.Contact our sales team for further info.

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