Climbing Wall Uses

Our climbing walls can be tailored to fit a great variety of locations, and used for many purposes - if you've got a challenging idea, we're ready to tackle it! Check out some of the most popular climbing wall uses below.

Climbing Gyms

Planet Granite, Portland, OR, USA

The majority of our clients are climbing gym owners and we love it! Climbing gyms give us the freedom to be creative with the wall design and to take a holistic approach to the еntire venue. We are experts in offering complete concepts that incorporate different walls, styles and areas, which is why our clients have trusted us to design, engineer, manufacture, install and upgrade their climbing facilities for over 20 years!

The great thing about building a climbing gym with Walltopia is that the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea, we'll find a way to make it come to life because no challenge is too great. But enough bragging, check out our completed projects and see for yourself.


Schools and Universities

School Climbing Wall

Climbing is a complex sport that not only strengthens every muscle in your body, but also builds focus, develops flexibility and provides instant gratification. It unites physical training with team building and decision making, which are some of the reasons why some schools and universities have chosen to inlcude climbing in their curriculum.

Our flexibility, and understanding of budgets and safety constraints make us a preferred contractor for school and university climbing wall projects.

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Retail Centers

Shopping Center Climbing Wall

As a result of the growing popularity of online shopping, malls are being redesigned into destination centers and meeting places that provide unique experiences to their visitors - something that cannot be purchased from the comfort of your sofa. Climbing is one of those experiences, but what makes it unique is that it is not only fun, but also engaging. A climbing wall in a retail center is a great recreational activity for visitors of all ages, and a fun way for friends and family to spend quality time together.

Our first shopping center climbing wall was built in 2010 at Galleria Mall Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Since then, we have been working to bring climbing into retail centers, where anyone can enjoy it.

Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)

Family Entertainment Center Climbing Wall

Designing climbing walls for a FEC not only requires a comprehensive awareness of its overall thematic concept, but also a deep understanding of its business model and visitor statistics. In most cases the FEC already has a direction for development and the need of a climbing wall comes either because there is some free space or because the center is undergoing renovation. This is where our experienced team of architects and designers step in to create a climbing wall design that fits perfectly with the requirements of the FEC.


Competition Climbing Wall

Walltopia Lead and Bouldering Competition Walls: We put a great amount of passion, effort and skill into delivering the best possible product, regardless of whether we are designing and manufacturing a climbing wall for long-term use in a gym or for a one-time event such as a competition. A good example of this is The Eye Wall, which was designed for the Prometheus Mammut Bouldering Comp in Salt Lake City, UT, 2009 , and is now part of Climb so iLL in St. Louis, MO.

Whether it is for the World Championship or a privately organized event, our crew is ready to make a wall that suits your needs.


Speed Climbing Wall

Speed Competition Walls: Speed climbing is one of the most spectacular disciplines in climbing – every move is precise, while climbers demonstrate incredible speed and endurance. Many climbing gyms now want to have a speed wall in their facility. It's not necessary to have a large group of professional climbers to make good use of the wall, as many climbers like to train on it and test their speed and endurance.

Our speed climbing walls can be fully equipped with speed holds from HRT Holds and timers from Safety Engineering.



Psicocomp Competition Wall

Deep Water Solo walls: Getting more and more popular every year, this is a discipline that emerged from the coast of Mallorca. Our collaboration with Chris Sharma and Momentum Climbing created the most spectacular annual event in the climbing industry, the Psicocomp, which is also the perfect showcase of our great Deep Water Solo wall.


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