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Walltopia designs and manufactures rope and bouldering walls in three major climbing wall design styles - Geome3x, 3D curves, and Rocktopia. Offering a great variety of shapes, angles, relief and special features these styles can be utilized to achieve any appearance and functionality a client can imagine for their climbing facility. All climbing walls are surfaced with a special coating of six layers of polyester resin and texture grains, and can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor use.


Geome3x is Walltopia's most popular style for rope walls and boulders. Its polygonal multiangled planes provide an endless variety of three dimensional design possibilities, and a clean and minimalistic appearance along with unlimited possibilities for creative color solutions through painting and printing. The flat surfaced panels allow for great t-nut density and placement of big holds and volumes providing a creative canvas for route setters to unleash their imagination. The Geome3x plywood panels can also be carved to achieve micro relief.

Geome3x can be manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the most economically efficient climbing wall solution, providing everything a gym needs at a reasonable cost.

Geome3x Plywood
✓ Made of strong birch plywood
✓ Water resistant coating available
✓ Available in flat or carved surface

Geome3x GRP
✓ Made of fiberglass and polyester resin
✓ Completely waterproof
✓ Durable, yet very lightweight

Touchstone Verdigo Boulders, Burbank, CA, USA Kletterzentrum Innsbruck, Austria

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3D Curves

Inspired by the famous sandstone canyons of Utah and the boulders of Fontainebelau, 3D Curves fills the gap between imagination and the technical restrictions of plywood. 3D curves allows for creating waves and curves and all sorts of random 3D shapes and is often used in climbing gyms to make distinctive signature features. It can be made without microrelief to allow for high t-nut density, so that route setters can make the best use of the space available.

Although 3D curves are mostly made from fiberglass, some curved forms can be achieved with bent plywood.

✓ Allows infinite shape possibilities
✓ Made of fiberglass
✓ Completely waterproof
✓ Great for both indoor and outdoor use
✓ Highly durable & lightweight

Sender One, Santa Ana, CA, USA Urban Climb Milton, Brisbane, Australia

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Rocktopia is our way of going back to the roots of rock climbing. These walls are made from fiberglass, and the molds that are used to shape their panels have been casted from real rocks at some of Bulgaria's most iconic crags.

Rocktopia provides a great variety of rock features with various relief that can be challenging for both beginners and advanced climbers.The neat placement of the holds is achieved by our flat underhold technology that eliminates the risk of hold breakage by allowing holds to be tightly fastened to the climbing wall .

Rocktopia Styles
✓ Limestone
✓ Sandstone
✓ Granite

Rocktopia Climbing Wall Rocktopia Climbing Wall

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Design features that make your gym unique

LED Add-Ons
Pimp up the outfit of your wall with built-in LED illumination. Elaborate the design of your gym with custom shapes that can glow in any color using RGB LEDs. The features currently offered are LED cracks, LED strips and LED band and can be incorporated in any climbing wall design style.
Walltopia Climbing Center First Ascent Uptown

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Plexiglass Features
Make a section of your climbing wall transparent with a piece of plexiglass that is actually climbable. Be it a window to another room or simply a design feature, small sections of plexiglass can be incorporated with the plywood or fiberglass panels. To keep it transparent, texture cannot be added, so keep in mind that the friction would be restricted in that section.
Le Mur de Lyon EVO Rock & Fitness

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