La mayor planta de producción del sector de la escalada

Production Plants

A total area of over 40,000 m2 is distributed between four production plants - steel factory, plywood and fiberglass factory, electronics development and assembly and flooring production.

More than 250 full-time employees work to ensure the best quality of the products manufactured at the production plants. With a capacity to process more than 1000 tons of steel and over 120,000 sq.m plywood panels yearly, the factories are equipped with high-end machinery that take the human error risk to the absolute minimum.

Walltopia production is certified for quality control according to the international ISO 9001 standard.

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Pre-Assembly Workshop

The production plant is also the home of our pre-assembly workshop with lifting equipment and an impressive height of 25 meters. It allows pre-assembly of large structures and precision in manufacturing. This stage of the production process guarantees the quality in the final phase of each project and avoids inaccuracies before they occur on the construction site.

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