Fit-in DIY Fun Walls


The Easy Way to Add Adventure and Fun into Your Space

Fun Walls are climbing walls that engage both children and adults in the challenge of climbing and the fun of play. They have all features needed to boost repeated visits – they offer an exciting activity that engages kids, an innovative design that stands out and an alternative to outdoor physical experiences.

Fun Walls are perfect for enhancing cognitive development in children and challenging their balance, coordination, and agility. They are suitable for kids as young as 4 years, as well as for beginner climbers.

Fit-in DIY Fun Walls for Maximum Capacity

The new Fit-in DIY range of Fun Walls revolutionizes installation. Designed with space-saving and budget in mind, they can be installed by yourself without the need for our technical team. This reduces costs by up to 35%, allowing you more efficient planning and flexibility. The DIY walls are perfect for facilities looking to increase capacity per square meter while providing quality fun challenges. Features include:

  • Durable painted panels with a real climbing wall texture, kid-friendly and not overly rough;
  • Panel polish with “No Marks” effect for enhanced durability and easy cleaning;
  • Interchangeable panels for easy makeover of your venue;
  • Best quality holds from the leading manufacturer;
  • A choice of 6 engaging models.

Space Efficient Design

Designed with space saving in mind, DIY Fun Walls increase the capacity per square meter in a facility and provide quality fun challenges which fit in each place and budget. The specifications include:● A width of 1.2 m, offering a more compact alternative to our standard Fun Walls' 1.5 m
● Standard heights of 6/7/8 m to suit different spaces
● Safety zone requirement of 7.5 m2/80 sq.ft per element, ensuring a secure environment.

Save Cost with DIY Installation

Fit-in DIY Fun Walls are available in stock and ready to ship. What’s best is that you do not need our technical team to build them in your facility. You will be perfectly able to install them by yourself and save up to 35% of the cost.

All you will need is:

● 37 bolts for the steel structure
● 20 bolts for the panels

Safety Add-ons

● Self-Belay: the safest and most user-friendly on the market;
● Safety flooring: 15cm thick shock absorbent mat with carpet finish or One More Life flooring by Climbmat;
● Аutobelay devices by Headrush or Perfect Descent;
● Safety Gates for secure autobelays attachment points.

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Easy to Assemble, Ready to Ship DIY Fun Walls

Sample projects with Fit-in FunWalls

Small Project

● Footprint: 30 m2
● Number of Fun Walls: 6
● Number of climbing lines: 6
● Staff required: 1
● Applicable standart: EN 12572 / EN 1991
● Min. ceiling hight: 6,75 m (22.1 ft)
● Duration of session: 30 min
● Instant capacity: 9 ppl
● Max hourly throughput: 45 ppl/hour
● Autobelays: 6 (not incl. in price)
● Safety gates: 6 (incl. in price)
● Self Belays: 6 (optional)
● Flooring: One more life by Climbmat (not incl. in price)

Large Project

● Footprint: 80 m2
● Number of Fun Walls: 10
● Number of climbing lines: 11
● Staff required: 2 (1 with self-belay)
● Applicable standart: EN 12572 / EN 1991
● Min. ceiling hight: 6,75 m (22.1 ft)
● Duration of session: 30 min
● Instant capacity: 17 ppl
● Max hourly throughput: 83 ppl/hour
● Autobelays (not incl. in price): 11
● Safety gates (incl. in price): 11
● Self Belays: 11 (optional)
● Flooring: One more life by Climbmat (not incl. in price)

How to Order


You send an enquiry, our sales rep helps you with the selection of models and add-ons.


In 1 week you receive price proposal, concept design and standard loads. You pay the order.


In 1 month the order is ready to be shipped, fully preassembled and inspected.


You receive assembly isntructions, product operations manuals, briefing video for clients, and training video for operators.


Our Customer Service Officer informs you about the maintenance and inspection procedures.

Opting for Walltopia’s Fit-In DIY Fun Walls means choosing unmatched quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing facility or create a new climbing space from scratch, Walltopia’s Fit-In DIY Fun Walls are designed to inspire and engage the young climbers for years to come.

Walltopia’s Active Entertainment team is excited to unveil the latest innovations in our extensive portfolio at the IAAPI Amusement Expo 2024 in Mumbai, February 27-29th. Join us to discover how our top-quality, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate attraction solutions can transform your venue.

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