We Are Exhibiting: Learn How to Grow Your Mountain Resort into a Year-Round Destination

In the times when ski seasons are getting shorter, we all want to keep people in the mountain. The trends are clear – Millennial ski resort visitors expect to receive much more than sports, and for Baby-boomers and Gen X visitors, what used to be a ski vacation has now become a “family vacation”, so resorts must offer more services and entertain all family members – kids and non-skiers included. Walltopia is here to partner your efforts in nurturing their love for the mountain and the relationship with the resort for many years to come.

Visit our booths at the Mountain Planet Tradeshow in Grenoble and the National Convention and Trade Show in Texas! Get ready for adventure, excitement, and innovative fun! Mark your calendars and join us as we showcase our cutting-edge solutions for mountain resorts and ski areas.

Our expert sales team will be glad to tell you about our latest developments in our attractions portfolio – there are new additions in both the harnessed and unharnessed categories as well as upgrades to our classic products.

Mountain Planet

16-18 April
Grenoble, France

Embark on a journey to the French Alps from April 16th to 18th for Mountain Planet Tradeshow. We’ll unveil innovative solutions specifically designed for mountain resorts and winter destinations, transforming your slopes into year-round playgrounds. Visit us at booth 910.


21-24 May
Frisco, TX, USA

Meet us May 21-24 at the National Convention and Trade Show  in Texas, USA! This is a significant gathering for the professionals in the ski industry, where we will showcase our latest products capable of turning any ski area into a year-round destination.

Elevate Your Ski Area with the Tree Course

Ski resorts face the challenge of seasonality and the need to achieve year-round appeal. The TREE COURSE addresses this by diversifying offerings and optimizing seasonal revenues. It utilizes vertical space efficiently and offers visitors an exhilarating experience that encourages repeat visits.

The TREE COURSE is more than an off-season attraction; it’s a strategic addition that complements the thrill of skiing with an engaging, high-altitude adventure. Its mountain-inspired design integrates seamlessly with the natural landscape, making it a beautiful addition to any resort. It’s also a social media magnet, enhancing the resort’s online visibility.

For ski resorts, the TREE COURSE is a versatile attraction that bridges the gap between seasons, ensuring steady footfall and consistent revenue. It’s a profitable investment that maximizes resort space and drives revenue stability. Beyond the slopes, it enhances the guest experience, offering adventure for everyone and broadening the target audience.

Free Flying with the Rollglider

Among other customers, mountain resorts attract people that seek to experiment with new challenging pursuits whether through skiing, snowboarding or other thrill-inducing activities.

The electric Rollglider was designed with this goal in mind – to provide a unique airborne experience to thrill-seekers and nature lovers. The ride, which can accumulate a speed of up to 50 km/h, twists and turns in a manner reminiscent of a flight. This premium operation is perfect to increase visits off-season with a capacity of up to 120 people per hour. Introduce a unique and innovative attraction to your current and prospective customer base!

Meet us there

Join us at our booths during these events to explore our innovative range of active entertainment products and discuss potential projects and partnerships. At our booth we’ll also be showcasing:

  • Adventure Hub: The Adventure Hub is a structure that can combine any of Walltopia’s Active Entertainment attractions into a single build. It is the embodiment of Walltopia’s 20+ years of experience as an attractions manufacturer and experience maker.
  • Ropes Courses: Our high and low ropes course models offering harnessed entertainment for all ages and skill levels. Learn how ropes courses can be combined with other attractions to create an entertainment hub.
  • Cloud Climb: A cross between the classic playground and a maze, this unharnessed attraction allows 4 to 14-year-old kids to experience a unique feeling of freedom; much like jumping from cloud to cloud.
  • Slides: Walltopia Slides is a newly jewel in Walltopia portfolio. Whether straight or twisted, open or closed, a slide is the best way to go down from any climbing attraction (or without such, per say).
  • Net Maze: Walltopia Net Mazes are a new range of active entertainment products for the youngest of kids. Unharnessed and completely safe, building on our vast experience in the climbing industry, we have designed the perfect range of attractions to keep children safe, active and full of joy.
  • Trampolines: Trampolines may not be a new product in the active entertainment industry but they are new for our production portfolio. With a wide range of products, we have evolved our offering from climbing-focused activities to a true turnkey provider for active entertainment attractions
  • Caves: Offering a realistic caving experience, Walltopia caves can turn any oddly-shaped space into an adventurous, explorational and diverse amusement area.
  • Fun Walls: Fun Walls are our classic active entertainment attraction. Based on our vast experience in the climbing wall design and production, this line of products is designed to cater to the youngest climbers without requiring any specific skill or training besides what comes natural to every human being.

We are eager to discuss how our products can elevate your offerings and create unforgettable adventure experiences for your customers. Our turn-key solutions are tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring the perfect mix of attractions for your location, demographics, and desired throughput.

If you’d like to book a meeting, fill in the form on the right, follow the link below or simply email our sales team.

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