Upscale the safety in your climbing gym with SmartGate – The Belay Attachment Monitoring System

Despite the great developments in the climbing wall industry in the recent decades, the one point that will always need improvement with a faster pace is the safety of the climbers.
It is no longer sufficient for climbing gym owners, whether overseeing large or small operations, to merely rely on liability waivers, mandatory introductory courses and informational posters.

Introducing SmartGate: A New Safety System

Safety Engineering, a pioneering member of our corporate group, has established itself as a key player in enhancing climbing gym safety worldwide. Their innovative products, particularly the SelfBelay climbing connector, have been widely adopted by climbing gyms globally, especially in FunWalls zones. This adoption underscores a commitment to reducing risks for visitors and streamlining operational efficiency. Many gyms, from diverse geographical locations, have integrated Safety Engineering’s solutions, witnessing a significant reduction in visitor risk and an optimization of their operations.

Building on this success, Safety Engineering is now introducing a new safety system for climbing gyms – SmartGate: The Belay Attachment Monitoring System. This latest innovation is designed to bring an extra level of peace of mind for gym owners and to redefine safety standards in the climbing gym industry.

“The ease of use of the autobelay devices attracts an increasing number of climbers, part of a higher risk group – novice and climbers, who have come to climb by themselves. We have observed a rise in insurance companies becoming hesitant or even refusing to provide coverage to gyms using autobelay systems. While measures like impact flooring and the use of next-generation climbing connectors such as the SelfBelay are steps in the right direction, our goal is to push safety as close as possible to 100%,” explains Borislav Atanasov, Deputy CEO of Safety Engineering.

SmartGate’s Innovative Components

The SmartGate comprises two primary components: First – the vinyl gate, which not only physically prevents unclipped climbing, but also incorporates an orientation detection device that continuously monitors whether the gate is upright and connected to the autobelay device or in a horizontal position, indicating a climber is attached to the autobelay. A constant wireless connection is ensured between the orientation detection device and the sensors, embedded into the climbing wall at approximate height of 2.5m, being the second vital part of the system.
In cases where a climber forgets to secure themselves to the autobelay system and surpasses the predetermined height, an audible and visual alarm is activated. While these incidents occur regularly and affect climbers of all levels, the belief is that such situations can be averted, and the industry should strive to minimize them.

A noteworthy advantage of the SmartGate is that it imposes no requirements on end users. Climbers are not obliged to carry sensors with their gear for the system to detect them, and the system does not protrude into the climbing area, preserving the climbing experience.

Ease of Installation for Gym Owners

For gym owners, a primary advantage lies in the SmartGate’s “plug and play” nature, where no specialist installers are required. The vinyl gate attaches to the front of the climbing wall using the provided mounting kit, while the sensors are designed to fit into standard t-nut pre-drilled holes on the climbing wall. The sole prerequisite for the system is an electrical power source behind the wall, housing the main control unit. The wireless orientation device within the vinyl gate is powered by commonly used AA batteries, easily replaceable within seconds.

Smart Gate - climbing safety device for autobelays





  • Audible and visual alarm for unclipped climbers
  • Fully automated system
  • No prerequisites for climbers to be detected
  • Easy implementation, retrofit to existing climbing walls
  • Custom design of vinyl gates with system integration
  • Automated system self-checks and operator alerts



Self-Check Features and Maintenance

The SmartGate also conducts regular self-checks and alerts gym staff if a climbing lane is unmonitored due to mechanical issues or communication failures. It even provides a low battery, employing the visual system embedded in the wall.

The system is now operational at the Walltopia headquarters Climbing, preventing accidents multiple times each day. The SmartGate is now available for pre-order on our website, with shipping scheduled to commence on January 15, 2024, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The SmartGate is available for orders on

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