Business Consulting

Design, operations and management services

Build a Successful Project

Whether your are a first-time owner of an adventure facility or an operator we are here to support you in researching the market, finding the best location, and creating an excellently optimized design and successful business plan. We will help you develop your successful business, sustaining repeat guests through a variety of products, programs, and exceptional customer service. What we do:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Desk / field research
  • Suppliers & attractions selection
  • Design

On-Site Consultation

How to best match your dream design with the building and the area? How to make the best use of the available space?

Our dedicated team of experienced engineers and architects can visit your site and give valuable advice on how to turn it into a great climbing or adventure facility.

Our team will:

  • Evaluate the space and advise on the construction work
  • Give you industry tips and insights on how to make your space more attractive
  • Help you in the negotiations with your landlord / contractors

Operations Manuals

Our team has created a large pool of manuals and trainings for efficient operations and best management practice in the industry of climbing and active entertainment. They can be applied to sports and active entertainment centers or to single attractions only. This knowledge covers the essentials of each area, such as but not limited to: safety, HR, guest experience, operations procedures, opening and closing procedures, cleaning procedures, maintenance and inspections, emergency procedures etc.

We collected our knowledge and experience in design, operations and management in three extensive operational guidance packages which are available to you under license agreements:

  • Basic
  • Extended
  • Ongoing

Start-up Support and Franchising

If you have an original climbing business idea which will shift and improve the climbing industry, we are open to support you both operationally and financially. Taka advantage of our expertise and experience in design, operations, and management to:

  • Find out about the latest innovations in the industry
  • Get financial and investment advice
  • Get your business plan and feasibility study prepared or updated

If you prefer to operate under an establish brand you can join our global franchise network of active entertainment centers. By partnering with us, you become part of a globally recognized brand, setting your business apart from competitors.

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