Our Production Plants

Steel Factory

Located in Letnitza, Bulgaria – a two-hour drive from the company’s headquarters in Sofia.

The steel and panels plants are both located here. Opened in 2010 they share a total area of 6,000 m2 and have been extended to 10,000 m2 in 2012 and subsequently grew until reaching a total of 22,000 m2. The steel shop has a capacity to produce more than 150 tons of steel per month.

Depending on the workload, there are around 200 full-time employees working at these factories.

Letnitza Steel is our Iron Shop where we do construction and assembly of steel frames with the capacity to process more than 1000 tons of steel per year. It is also the home of our pre-assembly workshop with lifting equipment and an impressive height of 25 meters. It allows pre-assembly of large structures and precision in manufacturing. This stage of the production process guarantees the quality in the final phase of each project and avoids inaccuracies before they occur on the construction site.

Plywood and fiberglass factories

Plywood Panels Shop – this is where the plywood is cut, painted and textured with a capacity to process 120,000 m2 per year. This workshop uses CNC Machines to cut the plywood with laser precision. It also has the latest texturing and painting equipment.

GRP Panels Production – the production center for GRP walls has an annual capacity of more than 10,000 m2. GRP panel walls offer great durability in all-weather conditions and also allow the shaping of panels in various 3D forms, such as for the Deep Space and Rocktopia wall designs.

At Letnitza we also manufacture all the different types of obstacles for the obstacle courses of our Active Entertainment division. The capacity we have reached currently is of more than 500 obstacles per year.

This plant includes also several smaller departments: plaster and mold casting, grinding, plywood paint and texture, molding, cutting and volume production.

Our paint workshop is spread on more than 2500 square meters equipped with ventilation chambers. Our expertise allows us to apply dual coating – high quality coating of hot-dip galvanized metal and UV resistant paint, suitable for outdoor areas with high humidity.

Depending on the workflow the factory works on 2 or 3 shifts to meet the demand of all our clients.

Electronics assembly and development

Lozen is a state of the art production plant located near Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. That’s where we do R&D and testing of products and devices for all the Walltopia group companies. Lozen is also the plant where all our electronic components are developed and produced.

Climbmat flooring factory and specific components preassembly

This is an R&D Center for flooring solutions for Climbing gyms and Active entertainment facilities. This new production plant is located in Bozhurishte (near Sofia) and began operating in early 2016. It has both an administrative and warehouse areas, and covers 17 495 sq. m. The R&D Center aims to improve existing Climbmat flooring solutions and develop new products to ensure a safe environment for facilities all around the world!

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